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    Aug 17, 2008
    Unhappy no access to my hard drive no icon after I log in
    I changed all my hard drive options to have no access except I accidentily put my name as the one to have no access, I have tons of information that I can not get better yet I can not see my hard drive icon after I log in
    Can you help me to see my files and access them, I know I did not erase anything I just denied myself access to my own files
    How do I fix it? Will I ever be able to access my hard without starting from scratch? I have very valuable files and high audio production programs, I am a out to go crazy

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    Make a new user account?

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    If you create a new admin account can you change the access to 'everyone', then log into your old account and set it back to you? Just a guess here.

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    You don't have a backup to restore to?

    You can either give what skaheadpunk suggested a try, or you may be able to enable the root user account and give access back to yourself. See the following Apple article to enable the root user account:


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    After you get this straightened out make sure you don't go messing with options you do not fully understand

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    Applications --> Utilities --> Terminal

    sudo su -
    chmod 755 /Volumes/Macintosh HD
    chown -R yourusername:yourusername /Volumes/Macintosh HD

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