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Thread: Where to buy new iMac mic?

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    Where to buy new iMac mic?
    After doing some switching of internal hardrives in my iMac I noticed the internal mic stopped working. I cracked it open again to see that one of the wires had come unsoldered. I've resoldered it since but for some reason every now and then it stops working. I figured I should just go ahead and buy a new microphone for my mac. I tried but couldn't find anything that looked compatible.

    Would you guys know of any place that would sell an intel 2006 iMac mic cable?

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    Ebay is a good place to start for parts.

    There are several other partstailers out there. is a small shop and you can email them a parts request - good folk to deal with. is a bit pricey, but they've got a lot parts. If you go with them use coupon code survey407 for 5% off.

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