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    How do I transfer data from my Mac Mini when it won't boot
    I cannot boot my mac mini - just get the dreaded blue screen and rotating wheel. I have been unable to boot in safe mode either. I have tried reinstalling Leopard from the DVD provided and it gets some way before giving me an error that it does not have persmission to copy to the volume Macintosh HD. I ran Disk Utility and it tells me that the disk is fine, but when I try and verify or repair disk permissions it gives a similiar message stating that I do not have permission to access the disk. I have concluded that the only thing to do will be to wipe the disk and reinstall. Before I do that, I need to retrieve around 100 GB data from my machine. I need to do this in chunks as I do not have a portable drive large enough to do this in one go. Any ideas how I can do this?

    All help very gratefully received. This is driving me mad!


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    Target Disk Mode if you have access to another Mac.

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    Unfortunately not. Is there any other way?


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