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    Aug 12, 2008
    iMac Displays.. 20" OK?
    Hi, Im about to jump into the MAC world. I am looking at a 20" silver imac for my daughter for school. I came across some postings regarding performance issues on the 20" display being washed out and having inferior colors. I actually came across a class action suit in March 2008 against Apple for claiming "millions of colors" when in truth it is a twisted nematic display showing only 262K colors and bad viewing angle.

    Can someone shed some light on this?.. Has Apple straigtened this out. Id consider the 24" but dont really want to spend the extra cash.


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    May 18, 2006
    For regular use like for browsing the internet, using word, powerpoint and listening to music the 20" should be plenty. But if you looking to do video editing, encoding, etc. then look into the 24". For just basic use the base 20" should workout well and just upgrade the ram yourself to 2GB.

    About the suit and the other stuff, other people can help you out.

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    Some people just like to complain at anything and sue at the drop of a hat!

    I love my 20" glossy screen - colours are extremely vibrant. The only downside is that the viewing angle isn't great, so there's a slight difference between the top and the bottom.

    It doesn't bother me though.

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    My 20" screen looks absolutely fabulous. People comment on it all the time. Since I use a MBP mostly now I really miss that sucker. My wife uses it now. I get jealous every time I walk by it!

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    Mar 15, 2006
    I love my imac. no issues here with it. i've had it a year now

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    Jul 14, 2008
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    My 20" iMac is great. The display seems much clearer than the 17" flat panel on either of my Windows machines.

    I upgraded it to 4GB of RAM a few minutes ago, having obtained the upgrade from Crucial off the top of this Forum webpage. The cover panel was a bit fiddly to remove, but the memory itself was easy. Now I just need to try some games to see if it speeds things up.

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    When I first walked into an Apple store to take a look, the display on the iMac was the first thing I noticed. It was better looking than most any others I had seen.
    Like others have said, the viewing angle is not that good, but most people sit right in front of the computer, so I really do not see what the issue is.

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    folks.. debating about making the switch from PC to Mac and am extrememly worried about the 20" displays..I love the size and looks though.. my main use will be to edit digitial photographs.. I'm an amateur and its a hobby.. but will the 20" display let me down?

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    I love my 20 inch, its the best computer I've owned for some time now.

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    Aug 14, 2008
    Now it is better for your daughter , cause you see 20" one is good for slow users that us esimple word document or excel sheet , or might be also some little database files , also the gaming is allowed there , it just better one to use.

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