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Thread: Apple and ATI

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    Apple and ATI
    I don't know if this is the right forum but it annoys me how the iMac's all come with ATI graphics cards and the only one with nVidia is online only. Same thing with the Mac Pro, it only offers one reasonable nVidia graphics option. That just angers me because personally, I think ATI's are just crap compared to nVidia's cards. Frame rates, clock speeds, and much more, sooo much better with an nVidia card. Anyone else agree?

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    You mean I can't walk into my local Apple Store and purchase an iMac with a nVidia graphics card instead of ATI? I don't think so. They may not be in stock but can be ordered. Same with purchasing a MBP with glossy rather than matte screen. They're usually out of stock but can be ordered.

    But I do agree that nVidia overall provides a better graphics card. But that's just my personal opinion, others may disagree.


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    Well, there's no question the GeForce 8800 is better than the Radeon 2600.

    But as for nVidia being better than ATI in general - that's a whole different subject.

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