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    G5 Likes to Go to Sleep in PhotoShop CS
    OK, here's an odd one.

    My new G5 goes to sleep sometimes for no apparent reason while I'm working in PhotoShop CS. Specifically right now, every time I print to my EPSON Stylus Pro 4000, as soon as the print status bar is about to pop up, the screen goes blank and the machine goes to sleep. If I hit a key, it comes back and the job prints fine.

    BTW, my Energy Saving settings are all on never and monitor sleep is turned off.

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    how much ram do you have, what os are you running, and have you repaired permissions recently, or zapped the pram?

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    I'm running a G5, with 1GB of RAM. I did recently upgrade from to 10.3.5 to 10.3.7. I repaired permissions this morning using Cocktail and I repaired permissions last week using Disc Utility. I haven't zpped the PRAM.

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    try printing the file from classic environment if possible... I know that in some cases (and the one I heard was using an epson stylus as well), OS 10 will not let you print on older printers. This probably isn't the case, since it prints once it comes back from sleep mode, but you should try it.

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    Well, zapping the PRAM and/or reparing permissions again seemed to take care of it. The Epson 4000 is a brand new printer...I'm not sure they even shipped it with Classic drivers.

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    Rumors of my G5's recovery from it's ailment were premature. It is still going to sleep for no reason, intermittently at least. It happens most often when I print to my EPSON 4000. I'm actually a little suspicious of my 17" Studio Display. As I recall, I had sleep problems on my G4 once in a great while...especially if I left the computer on overnight. I would come in to find the computer in sleep mode, but I couldn't wake it from its sleep. I would have to shut down using the power button. My G4 used this same display.

    I turned off "Allow power button to sleep the computer" in Energy Saver settings. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Anyone else run into this?

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    Check your System Log. You may have a Thermal Runaway problem. This means a bad processor, and it will need to be replaced.

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