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    Free unidentified G4. Can I use for music?
    I just found a working powerMac G4 on the side of the road! included everything except the mouse. I'm not sure which version it is, but it looks like the sawtooth. It does seem to have a lot of stuff about airport on it, has a built in zip drive, dvd rom, and two firewire ports on the back. I think two usb ports too. I don't have internet at the house yet, so I can't look and see real quick.

    I already have an intel iMac 24", and love it. I use it for music production mainly, Logic (not the pro version), Reason 4.0, some GarageBand.

    what I really want to do is set up the found powerMac G4 in the practice room, with the pianos and guitars and such, and just run it for recording and making beats. Then I can keep the new iMac in the more secure location, the bedroom, for postproduction work, watching movies, and everything else. Basically all I would need to run on the G4 would be Reason and GarageBand. I was pretty hopeful, searching these forums and such, finding out that I can install OS 10.4 on it pretty easily, with a few RAM upgrads, but then I looked at the Reason website to find these recommended specs to run the program:
    Mac OS:
    Mac OS X 10.4
    Processor: G4 1GHz and up or Intel Mac
    Memory: 512 MB RAM minimum, 1 GB recommended
    Screen resolution: 1024x768
    2 GB free hard disk space
    DVD reader
    Recommended: MIDI keyboard with built-in MIDI interface, or MIDI keyboard and MIDI interface

    I don't think I have a 1GHz G4, but I haven't positively ID'ed it. but it does look like a sawtooth from the pictures and my memory of some of the specs.

    My question is do you think it's worth investing time and money into the found G4? or should I just get something newer?

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    Yes Yes and Yes. Even if garage band want work ,there are others that will. I use a G3 imac for production and no one has to know.

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    Sweet! Absolutely keep it and see if it meets your needs. I suspect it will do the job, but you may want to max out the RAM when you are confident in its ability.
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    great, I was a real concerned about investing more money into the computer, because it didn't meet the software manufactorer's specs, but I started browsing another forum (audio production oriented), and there was at least one person on there running osX and protools 7 on an old sawtooth. I guess it can be done, but I'm still nervous about investing $100-$200 in RAM for this thing. We'll see how I feel about it when I get OS 10.4 on there, hopefully tonight, if not later this week. I guess if all fails for my needs, I know I can still sell everything. Eventually I'll need to get a macbook for giggin,' but since I'm moving to middle of nowhere for a year to do some volunteer work, I have at least a year mostly stationary.

    Also, about the ID. I keep looking for information on the processor, but it doesn't seem to be located in the 'about this computer' window. I don't see a 'more info' button or anything like that either. I'm OS9 illiterate, which is what is currently on the machine. I did look, and noticed that it has both a phone jack and an ethernet jack in the back, and the 1/16" audio in and out are located one above the other, not side to side. Does this mean I have a Gigabit Ethernet or Digital Audio G4?

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