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    Do CPU upgrades work?
    I am considering buying a Sonnet CPU upgrade to boost the speed of my 400MHz G4.
    Has anyone got experience, good or bad, of these devices?
    What do you experts think of this idea?
    Your opinions will be greatly appreciated.
    .......and may I take this opportunity to wish every MACite a very Happy Christmas.

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    That site has a database to match your Mac, to what type of upgrade. It then posts user reviews of their updates and how the performance is after the deed is done. CPU updates are included.

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    The CPU upgrade can be worthwhile but you have to remember that you still have the same bus speeds, hard disk etc. So you'll see an increase in performance but perhaps not what you wanted.

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    I upgraded a quicksilver 733 with a Sonnet Encore/ST 1GHz. Pretty good boost for a few dollars.
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