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    G4 tower with airport to Kids Gateway pc
    We are about 25 ft apart I have a wire link(dial-up) and do not want to crawl around drilling holes in my house to run phone line to the kids pc. With an airport extreme card installed and a airport non-extreme base station which wireless would anyone recommend for the Gateway(celeron) 2.4 mghz tower for simple connect (no gaming).Am I beating a dead horse?? I also have my old blue and white Gee3 ??

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    Sounds like wireless is ideal for your situation.

    Your best bet for your Gateway PC is an internal PCI wireless card. These can be had for around $40 at any major computer shop. Linksys and Dlink are the most common, and seem to work fine. They're very easily to install and set up.

    I couldn't tell you if/how you can get your B&W set up with wireless. Not my area.

    Lastly, make SURE you turn on your WEP on the base station, or use *some* sort of security. Lastly...the Apple Airport base station uses plain-text encryption keys, whereas PC's use hexadecimal encryption strings. To convert from hex to plaintext, you simply add a $ in front of the hex key. To go the other way around (in your case), I'm not sure what'd you have to do. That's something I'm sure you can find on Google.

    Good luck!
    Roger Michaels
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    you can use an adapter for an airport card to go wireless with your B&W, here . an airport base station isnt really required, you can use a linksys or netgear or other brand wireless router.

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