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    iMac rev B monitor where to get
    Hi, I've had an iMac rev B (233 i think) bondi blue for a number of years...It finally died...The monitor had looked like it had some shorting going on...blips...and then the whole thing died...I have spoken with a few 'repair folks' who said they couldn't fix it for the price I could get a refurbished I bought a refurbished on for $300 (a 300, blueberry...newer). Anyway, I hate to just dump the old one in the trash (and pay recycle fee in Maine:>). Also 9 yo daugher loves it and if I could get it up and running cheap I'd love to..I was told it may be mother board or audio or, what I think, the monitor shorted out...maybe from dust arc..and perhaps there may be someone whe had a motherboard go bad who would lie to sell the monitor/casing...I'm not sure if the guts of the rev B iMac will only go in a Bondi Blue on or not...Any thoughts welcome, especially where I might by a used monitor/casing that the guts (harddrive, motherboard, cd etc would work....Thanks, Rick

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