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    Tyler Percival
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    I recently got a g4 imac 1ghz and for some odd reason the thing turns itself off, i dont mean going to sleep i mean entirely off. Has anyone else heard of this or experienced it? Any help would be great, because i dont want to have to send it in to Apple. Thanks :black:

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    Have you checked your setting in the Preference Pane under Energy Saver? There is an option in there to set your machine to turn off automatically at a set time.
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    Tyler Percival
    No thats all off.

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    Thats weird, is it at the same time every day?

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    Did you receive it used and didn't do a fresh install of the OS? A lot of the time, this ends up going something like this: The original owner had a piece of software on the machine(thoroughly check Applications and Utilities Folders) that is a 3rd party energy saver, like a specific schedule of when to turn on/off, sleep etc.

    If you do find that software, delete it(drag to trash). Also, either way, I'd reccommend doing a fresh install..Clear out the old and bring on the new.

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    Tyler Percival
    Nope i got it new, is there any way that the machine would power off even if the fan is workin?

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