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    Problem with wireless mouse and keyboard for G5 sleeping and never waking
    Hi all,
    I just joined the list, and I have a question that has been vexxing me for the past month or so. I recently got a new G5 iMac which I love. I got Bluetooth enabled Apple wireless mouse and keyboard which I also love. However, I DO NOT love that after not using the mouse and keyboard for a while, they seem to go to sleep and not wake up. I have tried replacing the batteries - not the issue. I spoke to someone at Apple Support via email late several nights, and the best they could do was have me remove the back panel and reset via a small button (the name of which I have forgotten).

    I can specify further details about this problem, but I figured I would ask this first: has anyone out there had similar problems or found solutions to such problems?


    Best Regards,

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    Have you "paired" the mouse and keyboard to OS X? when you go through all the install steps there is a screen that makes you type in like 5 or 6 numbers and then hit enter to pair the keyboard and mouse to your mac. I had your same problem until I figured out how to pair them, I think it puts a little heart icon next to the device names to show that they have successfully been paired.

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    Paired mouse and keyboard
    I did pair them when I first began using them - this is something that happened after many days of successful use. I'll see if I can remember any more specifics. . .

    Basically, I just need to find a way to wake the keyboard and mouse from there seemingly permanent slumber.


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