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    Mac Wont Turn On...please Help??

    My Friend has just informed me her mac wont boot, its a G4 updated to dual processor, she cant get online obviiously so im posting for her....she said the light comes on for a moment then it doesnt turn on, is there anything i can suggest to chec k the machine? can anybody help??

    Many Thanks

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    I had a similiar problem with my mac it just wouldnt boot no matter what, i disconnected all the power from the mac and from the mains and left my mac for about 10 mins then plugged it back and it booted straight up, it happened twice to me and was quite strange.

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    Macbook Pro 2.2ghz Leopard
    might need a pmu reset,

    shut down, then unplug it
    open up the case
    on the bottom left side of the logic board is a button labeled S1
    hold that button for a second or two
    put the case back together
    wait at least 10 seconds before plugging back in
    try and start it up

    its really pretty simple i just saved one of our computers at work by doing this, its worth a try
    - - pm me if you want an invite i have a few left

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