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    One stop solution
    Background: I am active duty Army...divorced...and looking for a one-stop solution. Meaning, I'm looking for a day to day computer/media center.

    I'll be honest...I like the Apple the ipod. LOVE the form of the imac. But, I'm also value conscious, so I need to work some things through in my mind.

    I want my PC to be my day to day TV as well. I like netflix on demand, as well as the traditional mail option. I'll be starting some passions you forget when you are married, namely, I'll be getting back into photography with my beand new Nikon D40. I want the computer to be relatively speedy for 3 income doesn't justify anything else. I'll be storing and editing thousands of pictures, movies, with little to no gaming.

    An imac will fit that bill, but a 24" TV/monitor concerns me. Is it really an acceptable size come Sunday football! Even with my military discount, the top of the line imac will run me in the neighborhood of 2700.

    about 200-700 more than I wanted to.

    Now, PC's. I can get a custom made PC, thats faster, better vid card, more HD space, blu ray player, and a 37" LCD TV (appropriate inputs there for PC connectivity) for $2250.

    Besides the form I missing something?!

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    Get the PC... Netflix doesn't work on the Mac and they don't come with TV tuners either. There may be ways to "make it work," but I cannot see recommending the iMac for your usage.
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