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    Cool swapping logic boards between iMacs?
    Is it possible to swap a logic board from a G3 400 iMac to a G3 350 iMac.
    Would it involve a lot of taking apart or is it quite simple.
    Could you also swap things like the hard drive etc.

    Also does anyone know where you can get a combo drive for an iMac G3 that you can install yourself?

    Any comments would be great.


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    Since there were several different 400 mhz iMac models it's hard to give a blanket answer but the early 400 was a sister model to the 350 and should work. The later 400 (with the colored, transparent case) may not. Is it a major project? Yes, it involves removing and replacing major components while working next to the CRT which has enough voltage to knock you into next week. You can get an Apple take-apart manual at: and judge for yourself. MCE,, sells a "superdrive" equivilent for the slot-loading iMacs for about $275. You can check a reseller like Sun Remarketing,, for a used combo drive.

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