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    More RAM for Photoshop
    I have a Power MAC G4 400MHz with 1GB RAM........the question is, if I were to add more RAM would it make any difference to the performance of Photoshop when running on its own? Would it speed up the various operatios such as magic wand, filters, unsharp mask and so on?

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    Yes it would, filters and effects also take less time to preview and apply. However, I read that photoshop doesn't recognise any more than 2 gig of ram even if you have much more than 2 gig installed.

    Overall performance of OS X is also noticeable. I find myself getting very impatient with my girlfriend's iBook. It's shame 'cause OS X only really flies when you have a gig or more of ram in your machine. Something that many mac owners don't really take into consideration so they will never experience the OS as it's meant to be.

    Add more ram, the more the better!
    I say, "Unless it causes death, it's not a problem!".

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    well, heres my advice, more RAM always helps, but as photoshop is very RAM instensive, it is one of the most processor intensive programs as well, so i'd say get a sonnet CPU upgrade first, 400MHz is decent, but for a couple hundred you could get 1.0GHz depending on what model you've got.

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    I agree with both of the above posts. I'm a commercial photographer and work with PS every day. A gig of RAM is a good amount for sure -- you'll notice an improvment. Although, I don't think you'll notice anything with any more RAM at 400mhz.

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