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    Exclamation Problems with Apples mini DVI to DVI adapter!!!!
    ok, so i am having problems with this cable.

    I was using the svideo version before which had been working fine. Soon as i plug the cable into the imac, the screen will go blue, and straight away the screen returns and an external image will appear on my telly. This happens even without an svideo cable plugged into the adapter.

    Basically with my new mini dvi to dvi adapter, i am not getting a signal, but a few bizzare occurunces.

    1. When i plug my DVI adapter into my mac, that doesn't happen everytime, unless the dvi cable is plugged into the adapter.

    2. I am using a new 10m dvi to hdmi cable, but i don't know if it is this cable thats the problem. He has offered me an exchange. The seller also mentioned that these cables ''don't like working at 10 metres long''?!?! Bit stupid if you ask me, he shouldnt be selling it if he knows they may not aslways work at 10ms!!!!!

    3. My ps3 is connected to my hdmi1 slot. As soon as i connect the cable from my mac to my tv in the 2nd hdmi slot, the imac screen will go blue and does what it normally does when dual monitoring. I check the display options and it will see that is actually connected to a panasonic tv!!! So that means both the adapter and the cable must sorta be working for it to dectect that. Choosing detect displays doesnt actually do anything however.

    4. Insterestingly, when i turn on my ps3 with the imac cable plugged into my tv, i get no signal from the ps3 what so ever. As soon as the imac dvi-hdmi cable is unplugged from the tv, the ps3 signal immediately resumes. BTW, i have tried switching the cables into the other slots on the tv, and no luck.

    I cannot establish whether the fault is with my 10 dvi to hdmi cable, or the apple mini dvi to dvi adapter....or both. I know its not the mini dvi port on my mac because the svideo adapter works. ATM i can use my svideo adapter, but the resoloution on my tv isnt a perfect fit, and also its not HI DEF!!

    Another thing i have noticed is that one of the pins on my 10m dvi cable is lower down than the rest. Is this normal? WHat is actually the problem here?

    I apologise if this is hard to follow for some, my english is not the best.

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