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    Question Upgrade Question on older G3
    I recently came across a older iMac SE at a thrift store that I bought works great except I am wondering how big of a hard drive can I install on this Machine it already has the 40gb in it but looking to go bigger. Any Limitations?

    Thanks for any help

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    is it an original late 90s imac

    I think the onboard ATA controller cannot see much more than 120 gig, so there is no point going over that, the mac will simply not see the rest of the space

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    Please remember about firmwear on old Imacs ,it lives on the drive. You replace the drive you need the right firmwear for the OS you put back. New IDE drives may be preformated for intel Macs and that could be a problem ,you may have to nuke it first and use apple drive setup.

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    Scroll down to the iMac section.
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