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    Is upgrade worth it?
    Very new to Mac's and have a couple of questions. There is a $300 difference in the 20" imac price points. Just wondering if they are worth the money or if that money would be better spent on something else? I am also considering a macbook with a larger monitor to get the best of both worlds but not sure if no video card (macbook) will be noticeable or not. Any advice would be appreciated. This will be our first venture into the macworld so I am not sure what to expect!

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    Macbook if you need portability. if you don't then the iMac will be plenty. There isn't much of a processor difference between the 2 20" iMacs. It would be good to get the 20" 2.4 Ghz model with base configuration and upgrade the ram yourself.

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    TH integrated graphics on the macbook are only really an issue if you do heavy video work, 3D rendering or play the latest 3d games

    If none of the above apply to you then the macbook will be just peachy

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    Forget the Mac side, first question is whether you want a laptop or desktop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexis View Post
    Forget the Mac side, first question is whether you want a laptop or desktop.
    And then tell us what you will be doing with this computer on a daily basis.
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    I am a Mac virgin as well...won't be if the FedEX man will hurry up and deliver...

    I bought the "bare bones" iMac and it should be here today. I couldn't see paying Apple $90/gb of RAM when you can get 2 2gb Ram "chips" for like $90 and have 4gb. What do I use mine for??? Surfing porn, buying crap, etc...

    Ok, that was really a joke. I use mine for daily computer stuff, not much gaming, not much video editing, photo editing, etc...I have photoshop CS3 and a really nice digital SLR camera, so hoping this mac will help more than this crappy PC I am typing this on...

    Hope this helps a little bit...


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