I have a iMac G5 (with isight), but this problem can most likely occur on any computer and operating system.

I find this hard to describe and thus, it is hard to do simple Google searches.

The problem:

1. One day a while back I was doing "something" (I think it was a "heavy" game.) and my computer partially froze.

2. I tried unfreeze my computer by pushing many buttons at once, but in the end all I could do was hold down the power button and watch the screen go blank.

3. (THE PROBLEM) Everything was fine when I turned on my computer EXCEPT that all the buttons with "blue rims" (the one's where you can cycle through by hitting the tab button) changed from its default button to the one next to it.

4. (EXAMPLE) So, every time the shutdown window opens (and I don't want to use my mouse), I need to hit tab to move the "blue rim" from the Cancel button to the Shutdown button, before hitting Return/Space bar.

I hope I got my problem across to you, and I would really like to thank anyone for their ideas. (Or even just a name for the "BLUE RIM"!)