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Thread: Loud fan noise

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    Loud fan noise
    My iMac is making a loud 'fan' type noise and seems to be kicking out a lot of cool air from the vent at the top / back of the screen.

    I lifted it up slightly to get the serial number from the base of the stand a couple of hours when it was switched off - I'm assuming this has caused some kind of minor upset? I didn't turn it completely upside down. Can I assume that its just kicked a bit of dust around and it will eventually settle down or is this a sign of something more serious?

    Many thanks.

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    The loud noise and the excess cool air is because the fan is rotating faster. Were you by chance running a graphic intensive program or playing a game at the time this occurred?

    Download and install the iStatPro widget and keep an eye on the Fan speeds and the CPU temperature.


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