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    noticed something on the display
    I know this may be nitpicking,but I just noticed a little red speck on the display. It's noticeable against a bright or white background. Never saw it before, and I got the imac a couple of weeks ago. (refurbished model). Anyone out there ever experience something similar and what if anything I should do about ? I tried rubbing it off, but it appears to be under or 'behind' the glass display and not on the surface.

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    Its a stuck pixel,one of the crystals in lcd are stuck. There are programs to help unstick them or you may have to live with it. Maybe someone knows more and can offer advice.

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    Is it in a corner? how big is it? does it resemble a line or have any shape? It could be a pixel or a row of bad pixels, corner flare, etc. Talk to the people at apple. They might have to replace it if you have a warranty because a don't think that that counts as physical damage (i.e. dropping it, unless you did, lol). Or, maybe they'd just replace the LCD.

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