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Thread: G5 Ram

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    G5 Ram
    Can you use third party ram chips in the new G5, or is it Mac only Ram?


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    The G5 uses either PC2700 or PC 3200 DDR SDRAM so you can certainly use 3rd party ram. I don't even believe there is such a thing as Mac only ram.
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    so, why is the ram so expensive? at, its 799.00 to take it up to 2GB! I've been told it would cost just over 200 if you shop around!!

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    well a couple of things. i am not positive of the whole conversion process with dollars and pounds but in the US it is 300$ for each stick of the more powerful ram. so two gb adds up to about $600 and then apple adds some for installation and then all of the apple products will be more expensive in the UK then in america. you may have been told you can get 2GB for 200 pounds but you are not getting gb sticks of ram you are most likely get 4 512 ram

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    i think its rediculous apple charges for installation of RAM. especially on the tower, it so easy to do. i can understand if they charged for changing out the internal memory in the iMac, but in the G4 or G5 tower? rediculous

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