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    Lost audio on .avi files
    Recently I have lost all audio on my .avi files that I have brought from my digital camera. All past and present files are being affected. I know it's not my camera because I tried uploading the files to a macbook and the audio was still there. I do have all the audio for my OS and applications, and itunes. I feel like i've tried everything. I've opened garage band to see if that would fix it. I repaired permissions in the disk utility. I downloaded real player to see if they would work in there. I uploaded them into imovie and saved them as another type of file to see if that would work, but nothing. When I upload the movies to my blog the audio isn't there, but 2 weeks ago when I uploaded a different movie on, the audio was there.
    Any help would be appreciated. I know the audio is there somewhere because I uploaded a .avi file back on to my camera and the audio is there.

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    Have you got Flip4Mac, DivX and VLC Player?

    Sounds like a codec issue. Uninstalling and reinstalling these three might bring it back.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I had Flip4Mac but not the other two, so I uninstalled and then installed it again, but it still doesn't work. Any other suggestions?

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