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kingcrowing2 12-14-2004 08:02 PM

Blue and White Hard Drives
I've got a Rev. 1 B&W and i've got a 6GB drive and a 10GB drive... i wanted to know if it was possible to put in a 3rd 80GB HD? I don't have a zip drive, so that sopt is free, i was thinking i could use the IDE and power cable that would go to the ZIP for a 3rd HDD, would that be possible? thanks!

Macman 12-14-2004 11:23 PM

yup, if the 3rd hd has compatible ports/connections, and is a compatible brand, it should be fine. though Im not sure an 80 gb hd would use the IDE, probably the power cable should work, but again, it depends on the hd(brand, connection type, etc)

immdb 12-15-2004 02:57 PM

Checkout this post at xlr8yourmac…

kingcrowing2 12-16-2004 09:16 PM

thanks a lot... but i was noticing yesterday that this mac is kinda loud... and the only thing making it loud is the Hard drive, so i think i'll just use the new 80 GB one and not use the others, because 80Gigs is plenty for everything i've got.

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