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    Unhappy Need Advice on Dead G3 400
    For some time I've been having the problem with unexpected shutdowns- the power light stayed on green after the shutdown.
    Yesterday it did (I believe) it's last sudden shutdown. Now, nada- the power light doesn't even come on- no sounds.
    Have checked the battery and pressed the CUDA button once only.
    Is this a fix I can attempt myself or a fix that won't cost a fortune?
    I know some will say, just give up and replace it. Financially, I wish I could- but alas, bad timing for that- recent layoff in the house :-(
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    We have the same problem with our iMac that we have in our internet cafe.
    Its the same model you have. I think the power button has broken though.
    We have reset everything but nothing works. It will probabally be the circuitry that needs fiddling. I have taken it all apart but cant see whats wrong.

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    Have you tried replacing the Pram battery. we tried that in our but it did no good.

    If we find a solution to our problem then i will tell you what we did.

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