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    iMac G5 versus Power PC G4
    I have an old 'graphite' Power Mac G4, 400GHz with a 19inch CRT, and want to upgrade to something faster. I only ever use two programs, Photoshop CS or Appleworks.

    It seems to me that the iMac G5 will give me a whole heap more speed, but will I loose something in not sticking with the Power Mac?

    If I go to a Power Mac G5 will I be buying a whole heap of capability that I will never use as I only ever run Photoshop and Appleworks?

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    The iMac sounds like the better fit for you since it is plenty powerful for what you intend to do and it has power that the newer programs will be able to utilize.

    The PowerMac G5 is an amazing machine but might be overkill for you in my opinion. With the iMac you will also have the built in LCD which is remarkable whereas you will still be using your 19" CRT (Or spending more money on a new monitor) with a PM G5
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    At work I use a Mirror Door G4 Powermac and a 17" Studio Display TFT and Photoshop CS .

    At home I use a G5 iMac 17" SD 1GB RAM . I can tell you for certain that the iMac is better than the Powermac G4 and would be absolutely perfect for you .

    Hope this helps

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