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Thread: Second Monitor to an iMac???

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    Second Monitor to an iMac???
    Ok so I have a 20-inch Aluminum iMac and edit on finalcut alot. I also edit in a studio (that doesn't belong to me) and they have dual-monitor set-ups on Mac Pro's. I am trying to figure out if I can do a dual monitor set-up off of my iMac so I was wondering if that mini-dvi out on the back of the Mac will go out to a second monitor or will that just make the connected monitor the only monitor? ( the second monitor would be a VGA p.o.s. )


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    Second Montior
    You should have no problem hooking up a second montior... I run a 24 inch imac and have a 20 inch dell as a second montior for palattes and other programs that can run smaller in the background. Just make sure you get the right adapter for the second montior... the mini dvi comes in several different types... mini-dvi to dvi, etc. Good luck!

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