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    Please help (Stuck DVD issue)

    So I came here first when I had issues w/ my mini. And i tried the previously effective 'hold option w/ restart, the eject on keyboard', but no dice.
    Then tried the 'drutil' command. Still, never worked for me.
    Tried restarting (both 'hard' and not) and hitting Eject alot. Nothing.

    So, i even tried 'fishing' with a piece of cardboard from the **** DVD case. Nothing.

    So, what can I do to get this ******* out?

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    Have you tried the 'hold down left mouse button on restart'?

    If your Mini is out of warranty, you could follow the steps and photos in this Take Apart website:

    Once you've got the upper housing off, the optical drive is right there, and you can try the old standby of poking a straightened paper clip into the eject pinhole at the front of and just beneath or beside the optical drive slot.

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    Isn't there a right click "Force Eject" option?

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