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Thread: Miroring my mac desktop to TV

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    Miroring my mac desktop to TV
    I just bought a mac mini dvi to video adapter (one with the yellow plug) so that i can watch movies on my mac on my TV. So i hooked it up, to my tv, put the tv on the right input, and under system preferences i went to display and clicked "detect display", but the only thing that happens is a quick flash on the TV and then nothing. Any help getting this to work would be great. Thanks!

    By the way the TV is a 20 inch tube TV, the mac is a 20 inch intel imac

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    well first off you are most likely not going to be very satisfied with the picture when you do get it working. besides the fact that a straight yellow video cable is not going to be a good picture but the tube tv will make it worse.

    i recommend you buy some dvd's and burn your movies etc.. and play them on a dvd or cd's (divx movies) and buy a cheap walmart $25 dvd player that will play everything you throw at it like divx movies.

    and your problem is most likely resolution related. start off with 800x600 and go up from there to see what it can handle.
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