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    technical hard drive question
    I have an 80GB drive i'd like to stick in my Cube, but SMART reports it "about to be broken." It actually works fine for now, and I don't need to put any sensitive data on it. The problem is, Disk Utility won't let me format it because SMART says it's damaged. Is there any way to turn off a SMART check for disk utility or something?

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    I wouldn't advise it really

    If the smart status is bad then the disk is most definitely on it way out

    But if your cube can boot in to os 9, you may be able to format it from there

    Dont rely on that drive tho

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    Okay, I think I might try it, thanks a lot.

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    LOL if Smart Status advises that put your money on the drive crashing and sooner rather than later as louishen advised.

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