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    Question whirling G5 fans
    I want to know if you guys have a G5 and this happened. The mac gets put to sleep at the end of the day and a few hours later the fans are just whirlling away maddly. And the mac won't wake up. This is sort of a recurring problem with this mac. A common thing? :biohazard

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    hmm, I have been borrowing my friends G5 while he is on vacation and I have not noticed this problem. I would call Apple and see if there is something wrong.

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    Yeah I don't have anything like that happening with mine either...

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    Maybe it's having a nightmare?

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    Oh, boy I stop abusing that Mac. The nightmares should be gone. I'll call up the Apple to ask them about this. The G4s and iMac G5 is fine being left running all week.
    Thanks guys.


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