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    Noel Bailey
    Distorted sound on iMac G4
    I've had my iMac G4 for around 18 months but in the last 2 or 3 months the sound coming out of the speakers has become increasingly distorted. I plugged headphones in to confirm the speakers were not faulty, but the same problem occurs. Any ideas? I'm running 10.3.4 on a 800 MHz 17 inch flat screen iMac.

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    hmm, thats weird, are these external or internal speakers? apple pro speakers? I think you should check the sound preferences and make sure the correct speakers are selected.
    also, try repairing permissions to be safe, are you using any input devices, like a mic or something else? it could be causing a conflict, also, have you recently installed any new software or hardware? but repairing permissions may help, if not, try zapping the pram.

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    Noel Bailey
    Thanks. I'll try that

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