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    HELP! Problem with my Mini Mac....
    Firstly if your reading this, thanks for showing interest.

    Basically, recently i have turned my Mini Mac on and it has started the boot up sound but then repeats that boot up sound, quite a few times. Now, i used to turn my computer off by the mains and restart it up again. That sorted it out but sometimes it does that and starts. I get the bleeping boot up sound for like 10 seconds and the grey screen. I want to know whether i should worry about it? It has yet to cause me problems but i dont want to leave it and then something happen to my computer. Could you please let me know what you guys think could be causing the problem or whether it is a problem at all.

    I have read on other forums people talking about this similar problem and one guy mentioned he had that problem after resetting the PRAM settings. But i do not touch things like that. I have made no changes to any settings. Just thought i would mention that. So any help is greatly apprciated. Thanks!

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    Anybody got any ideas? I See views, but no replies!?

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    I have owned 3 Mini's, 2 Power PC and one Intel and still use 2 of them. I have never run into that issue and it's not normal at all.

    One quick thing, and this is just a stab in the dark, is the power button sticking down? That is very strange behavior indeed.

    You might also try reseting the PRAM and the PMU.

    See if that might help. Do let us know.

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