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    Cheapest solution to replacing ATI Rage 128 pro card ?
    Hello all. I have a Viewsonic monitor with DVI out in back. I have a defective ATI card (9200 Pro I think) - defective, I think, as it won't allow the Mac to boot. I put a Rage 128 pro card in but all I got was distorted green and pink screen. I can see the desktop but obviously can't work eith it like that !

    I am on a serious budget restriction therefore in your opinions what is my cheapest/wisest move ? It has to have a DVI port on the card - the 'square-ish' looking one with rounded edges on top.

    Hope I'm making sense !


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    See if you can find an ATI Radeon 8500 or 9000 MacPro. They will be about the cheapest options.

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    Thanks for the reply

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