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    Connecting iMac G5 to broadband?
    Hey there,

    Wondering if anyone can help?

    I am looking into getting an iMac G5 soon and I have a question to ask.
    I use broadband internet at home provided by Zen, on my Windows PC I just plug the cable from the phone socket into the internal adsl modem. I notice that iMac's only come with a dial up modem. Is there any way to connect to adsl internet without going wireless or using an external modem?


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    Connecting iMac G5 to broadband?

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    If you are still going to have the Windows PC, you could set it to share the internet then connect the G5 to it with a crossover ethernet cable.

    I didn't know they made such a thing as an internal DSL modem, but I bet you could find an external one on ebay for not very much money, I think I sold my old one over a year ago for only $50 on ebay.

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