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    Exceeding recomended RAM
    I have an imac with two memory slots, one has a 1gb stick the other a 2gb stick, said that I am at the maximum memory my mac can handle, 3072mb of ram. Can I replace the 1gb stick with a 2gb stick making my mac have 4gb of ram safely and will I notice an increase in performance?

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    Yes, all the iMacs max out at 4GB of RAM, so having two 2 GB sticks is all you can put in.

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    The white imacs can handle 2 x 2GB sticks in the computer. But will only address 3 of those GB. SO really the 4th GB is not even recognised by the computer. It's only useful if you want the dual channel boost. But even that's not worth the price of a reallt useless GB of ram.

    But the Alu imacs can read and address 4 GB of ram.

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