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Thread: I-MAC G5 video issues

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    I-MAC G5 video issues
    Ok I replaced my Imac g5 logic board because I had popped caps on the board I was having video issues -- After replacing the board the computer still has video issues video gets blocks on the screen or lines on the lcd -- i have outputted to a monitor and does the same thing or I get kernel panic -- I sent back the board and got a new one but still does the same thing -- I was checking the heat and I think it could be the power supply ?? Not sure where to look

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    Hi capbam, your problem sounds exactly like one that i had recently with my older iMac G4. I was having lines on the screen and eventually kernel panics. It turned out that it was my RAM. A program called Rember (a ram testing app) actually fixed the problem by "setting the RAM". I would suggest trying this program to see if this resolves your issues. Also, does this happen when running one program in particular, as mine happened when i was running Mozilla Firefox? Thanks, Justin.

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