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Thread: Slow G4 with potential.

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    Slow G4 with potential.
    I bought a POWERPC G4 from my uncle for $75. Here are the specs :

    Mac OS X
    Version 10.3.9

    Processor ; 400 MHz PowerPC G4

    Memory ; 512 MB SDRAM

    It is exreamly unbearably slow (doesnt input text untilup to 10 seconds after I type the sentence. I'm guessing these specs are the original ones that came with a new purchase. The new purchase mostly likely had a older version of os X, I have os X 10.3.9, so I think that has something to do with the lag.

    I want to upgrade. Where online can I order mac parts.

    What kind of parts am I looking for? (what size memory, processor>

    how do I supe this computer up?

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    You can upgrade at OWC for one. They sell everything you will need from drives to memory to video cards to optical drives etc etc.

    Depends what model the machine is. It may be a PCI Yikes, a Sawtooth or a Gigabit Ethernet. Boost it up to at least 1GB memory, an 80GB HDD and see if you can find a Tiger full install DVD and run that rather than Panther.

    Remember the cost of $75 should be looked on as a deposit and not the final payment if you grasp my meaning. Doing up computers is not cheap.

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