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    what video card type is this
    I am having a lot of trouble with what kind of videocard slot this is on a power mac g4, the earlier models, not the quicksilver. Its not pci i think? but doesn't look like agp either?
    here is a picture.
    its the slot surrounded by the red box
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    Looks like a reverse AGP slot to me. Though if I were to guess, I'd say it was a PCI-E slot.

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    i thought pci-e was newer then this mac because on the motherboard it says "apple computer corp 1999"

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    No the PCI Yikes in G4's was the very first model released either 350/400MHz and they have no AGP just the PCI and you have to install a PCI card. Here is a link to

    If this is correct the standard PCI card is a 16MB Rage 128 66MHz card.

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    Both the Blue and White G3 and Yikes G4's used a special 66Mhz PCI slot for the video. Some were saying it was 2x as fast but tests proved otherwise. As you can see the slot is backwards from a normal PCI slot. It's a Propriety design by Apple. The other PCI slots are normal 33MHZ 64Bit PCI slots.

    There is no AGP slots on those machines.

    The G3 B&W and G4 Yikes used the exact same motherboard. I have both here at the house.

    Best thing you can do it check out OWC and see what real PCI cards they have. You put the card in one of the other PCI slots.

    This URL tells a bit about the 66Mhz slot. It's for the B&W G3 but they are the same.

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