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    Unhappy I lost my keyboard!
    When I boot my Intel Duo Mac Mini, the login screen appears and the keyboard capslock key lights up and won't switch off. Also, no matter what keys I press, nothing happens and I can't enter my password. even if I could, it would do no good because it would be in upper case.

    I have been able to access the hard drive via the wireless network using my laptop, but when I try use Disk Utility, the Mini's disc isn't displayed so I can't run a verification.

    I've tried using a different keyboard - no change. I've tried rebooting with the keyboard plugged in and out, but no good.

    I can't reboot from the install CD, as pressing the 'C' key does nothing (obviously).

    Does anyone out there have any idea what I can do to fix this?

    Thanks to whoever replies,

    David Britten

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    Take it this is with the wireless/bluetooth keyboard and mouse? If so hook up the wired kb&m and go from there if you can.

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