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    G3 IMAC DV Problem
    hey I am having a issue with my imac G3 600mhz, dv . I brought it off a friend for 60.00 bucks. I think the hard drive is bad. When I turn it on i get the computer with the question mark in it. I have had the problem before though, and it was the hard drive i just brought a new one and from comp usa and the os and that fixed it but with this g3 imac i have now i brought a new hard drive at compusa but didn't have them load the os. I was wondering cause I don't have the money to spend on it at this time since its just my terminal computer for the internet only should I just buy this 30gb hard drive I saw for it with the OS already preloaded, would that fix my problem? Thanks!

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    It could be a bad disk or a problem with the system. You should start from a system CD and try to repair/install the system. If the installer cannot find the hard disk then you're probably right that a new HD is the answer. If the installer can see a hard disk try using the disk utility to test it, then install a new system.

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    aight, thanks. I will try that. I hope it works

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