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    RAID-ing Hard Drives.
    Right now I keep a 320GB drive in Bay 1 of my early '08 Mac Pro, and a 250GB drive in Bay 2. I keep OSX installed on the 320, and the 250 contains a copy of my iTunes library for back-up purposes (I would use Time Machine, but I really don't need to back up anything other than my iTunes, everything else is stored on my .Mac account).

    Anyway, I'm nearing capacity on the 320GB drive, and was wondering if it would be possible to put the drives into RAID 0, so that they both show up as one complete drive in OSX. I'd then just use an external drive for back-ups, and use my internal drives together for OSX. Is this possible? Or do both drives need to be the same size?


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    For a correct RAID the drives should be identical and the same size or the difference will be ignored. Better solution is to add another internal disk and get stuff off the main drive IMO.

    Another option because you have a Pro is to add two new drives inside and raid them and move stuff off the main drive again. Not sure if you can start off a Raided drive, probably can but why since you have lots of box space.

    A piece of cheap advice - buy a 1TB external and set up Time Machine and back up your machine regularly. 1TB external = lost downtime due to a bad drive when in a production environment.

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