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    APG G4 Questions
    Ok so I have a sawtooth, I was wondering, Can I use any, 512 memory sticks?

    Can I use any Optical Drive?

    What can I use that I could at your average MircoCenter that would work with my Powermac g4?

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    The Pioneer drive will be just fine, memory no as it is the wrong type.

    Have a look at this link to OWC at

    You will see there are two slots in the modules and Mac memory has to be low density. OWC are Mac specialist who give guarantees with their memory.

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    Thanks, but no thanks...

    I DON'T Want to order this memory online, If I want to buy it from a store, what should I be looking for in the stick?

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    Poineerr drives work just fine, my Quicksilver now had a Pioneer 110D

    as for the ram:

    Details: Supports 100 MHz PC100 SDRAM (3.3v, unbuffered, 64-bit-wide, 168-pin).

    full specs for your mac here

    print out the specs and take it to the store

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