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Thread: Adding memory...

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    Question Adding memory...
    I'm going to take my first stab at upgrading memory on my G5. Any suggestion, please???? :doctor:
    A-a-h Yes, A Computer without windows, is like a fish
    without a bicycle, :mad:

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    Yeah, don't get cheap RAM! Only get RAM that says it is specifically made for G5s. I know from experience (eight G5s in the shop) that the number one cause of problems is bad RAM.

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    What if it's not crucial ram, but ultra.. It's also not cheap.

    It's the same speed, same pin count everything same....

    I added 1 gig of the ultra ram and it's working fine for me..

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    forget crucial, theyre ok, but you cant beat OWC. and as far as installing it, dont force it, but make sure its snapped tightly ino place.

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    I agree with most, only the best *my personal fav* Crucial. Probobly the lowest price, with best quality. But then again my first computer was a Pc....

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    sorry guys but I'm a n00b. Where do you buy ram, and how does ram improve computor performance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMJx2
    sorry guys but I'm a n00b. Where do you buy ram, and how does ram improve computor performance?
    Generally speaking more ram allows you to run more programs at the same time, known as multitasking. And programs running in ram will run faster than a program that is running in a swap file off the hard drive... simply electronic vs hardware... Ram is one of the cheapest upgrades you can do for any computer.

    As to where to buy, most any computer store will have it. If your not in a rush you can probably pick it up from one of the online stores at a better price. One of my favorite places to purchase computer stuff is New Egg. Simply go to their store and browse around for what you want. Buy good quality ram, cheap ram is usually just Everyone has their favorite brand... Mine happens to be Corsair, I've had real good luck and performance with it on my last two "gaming" "Overclocked" machines and my G5 seems to like it also. Other brands of "good" ram are Crucial, Owc, Kingston...

    I have found their prices to usually be amoung the best and they are very dependable in shipping. New Egg is one of the good guys...


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    i like ram from tigerdirect, there cheap and you can find some high quality ram there...

    I like the ram with the heatsinks on them, but i dont think i'll be able to fit them side by side in the slots..

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    G3 to G4
    I just bought a G4 mirror drive 1.25 mghz and is it possible to take the ram from the G3 and use it in the G4?? same slot size/type etc. Adrian

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