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    Best UK Broadband for OSX?
    I'd like a few ideas.



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    I'm using wanadoo and it's quite good

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    Yes that looks good thanks a lot - it's always so hard to find out if macs are suppported!

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    Hmm, I rang them and they said they only do tech support for 8.6 and 9.2.

    Anybody know of any others that fully support OSX?


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    Noel Bailey
    BT Yahoo works for me
    We've been using BT Yahoo for many months without a problem. "Support", I think, only refers to the modem, so you can buy yourself a modem, rather than accepting one from your provider, and therefore be sure that it's for OSX. We bought an XModem from It's very good and we're using it with Airport all over the house.

    Hope this helps

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    i'm using a modem they sent me on os x and it works fine called speedtouch usb i would rather use my internal modem but cannie be arsed setting it up

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