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Thread: Mac Pro vs iMac

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    Mac Pro vs iMac
    My dilemma right now is deciding between a (refurbished) Mac Pro and a (refurbished) IMac. What I felt I needed the mac pro for was so I could be running programs on it, what I use is dreamweaver, flash, photoshop, illustrator and after effects (AE being the most bulky program for me)

    I've got the cash for either, but I need the money for other things so I don't know if getting a mac pro would be an overkill since in either cases I would be upgrading the ram to 4 gigs

    So my question is this, should I save myself the cash now by getting an IMac, or should I go with a mac pro that has much more processing power which I need for my programs I am currently running and may possible start to run in the near future.

    thanks for any help on this

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    this is all about personal preference about what you are really going to be using the computer for. The iMac is a powerful computer also and you can run a lot so applications on it the mac book can almost be to much if your not the average user. i would say get the iMac and then use it for a week or two and run the apps you wanted to. if it is not enough for ya then exchange it for the mac pro.
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    There was a time where using such hard-hitting apps required nothing short of a Mac Pro, but those days are gone. You'll find the iMac is an extremely capable machine, and does a great job at dealing with pretty much everything you're going to be throwing at it.

    I had the same choice to make when I decided to go for a Mac desktop, and for me it broke down something like this...


    - Built-in display (which is stunning by the way)
    - Built-in iSight and Mic.
    - Smaller package that fits on your desk and is relatively easy to transport.

    - Limited expandability: You're locked into whatever Hard drive, graphics card, and Optical drive you buy the machine with.

    Mac Pro-
    - Performance. This thing is an absolute beast! And moreso, it will remain a hard-hitting computer for quite a while. The iMac is cheaper, but will likely outdate faster.
    - Expandability: You can upgrade the GPU, add PCI cards (tv tuners, video capture cards, etc.). You can also add more hard drive space, or faster drives should you feel the need too. Moreso, with Blu-Ray catching on it gives you the room to add a Blu-Ray drive somewhere down the line.

    - The Mac Pro is a beast in performance, but unfortunately also in size. It weighs a ton, so you won't be lugging it around anytime soon. It has quite a big footprint too.
    - You have to provide your own display, webcam, and microphone.
    - It's very expensive, more than most people need to pay for what they have in mind. If you have the money and want one, then go for it. It might be slightly overkill for your needs though.

    I ended up going for the Mac Pro, and I'm glad I did as I ended up adding 2 more hard drives. If I'd gone with an iMac I'd have had to go external (yuck).

    Still, make your own decision and pick whichever suits your needs more. Both are solid machines.

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    iMac- Mac Pro will not really outperform the iMac with what you're doing.

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    I got the IMac now and am typing this from it. I'm really relieved now and know that this will work great for what I need right now.

    Now I just have to get all my programs onto the mac

    thanks for all your help!

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