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    iMac dust in screen
    Hey all

    I got my first Mac in 2004, had an uncountable amount so far and the thing is, i converted my sister, mom & her husband to Macs... basically everyone but my dad. He eventually gave in and bought a 24" iMac early this year as his first Mac.

    The thing is he noticed that behind the "glass" there is a noticeable dust buildup that is visible during dark images. I thought the screen is supposed to be a sealed unit? Is there anything he can do? Its not really fair on him to have an issue like this with his first Mac. It ain't really gonna give good first good impressions. He likes the operating system and this is really just something minor but it shouldn't be happening.

    Any ideas if Apple sort this or what? thanks I tried to look it up but it seems that a lot aren't getting this or what hmm..

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    Well, I say bring it back to Apple and I'm sure they'll have it sorted out for you. Dust shouldn't build up THAT much, though I don't have any problems similar to this at the moment.
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    ooooh thats a bummer i hate little stuff like that, ya like he said bring it to apple
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    dust in screen
    I noticed about 2 months after getting my 24" iMac, that the screen seemed darker in bands fanning out from the bottom left corner... simplest explanation is dust/muck whatever, Sooo I suction-cupped the plate of glass off, cleaned both sides with a safe cleaner, wiped down the lcd itself, which is covered in glass too, put it all back together...

    Clean viewing again...

    There are fans inside the iMac that can't but blow things between the LCD and it's plate glass cover... clean it.

    The glass is very thin, but surprisingly strong, still, get a good soft suction cup so you don't have to press hard to get it to stick. Lift straight out from the body of the iMac, try not to tilt it at all. Replacement doesn't require the suction cup, and it actually shouldn't be used, since your glass is now clean... the magnet retainers will grab it.

    Let us know if this works.

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