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    Ok, I want to get a new iMac but I want to go the refurb way. I have had some refurb items from Apple before, but not the iMac ones. Can someone who tell me how the refurb iMacs are. Also I am planning to upgrade my ram from 1gb to 4gb because simply the Apple ones are way too expensive.

    I found 2 quality sites, I know the rams are compatible with the iMac, but they is a $20 difference in price and I want to see if the cheaper one is good as the other one. Also, If someone who bought an iMac ram that got a good price, can you direct me to the site ?


    (click on the drop down box for the 4gb option)

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    Another place to look at...
    MyOWC at

    Haven't heard of myself... Check shipping costs and what the warranty is. Make sure to go where there is a lifetime warranty. Most members here recommend OWC, Crucial or Newegg. I've ordered from OWC and Newegg and never had a problem.

    Same could be said for refurbished Macs. Do some research for the site you're looking at. Check policies and warranties.
    Another place to look at...

    And remember, you get what you pay for. Usually the cheapest, isn't the best.
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    refurb 24" iMac Aluminum
    I bought a refurb 24" iMac at a good discount off new, feeling that the unit had already been returned and repaired and hand tested before being resold. I've not had a single problem whatsoever at all, I am totally pleased.

    I bought my 4gb of ram from, no problems with it either. I keep my stock stick in a sealed container in case I ever need it for diagnostic purposes.

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