I just received an old Powermac 8500 running OS 9 from a friend. This is my first Mac, so I am not very familiar with them, but I know PCs very well. I am having problems setting it up though. First when it boots up, nothing goes on the screen except for a tiled blue background with a :mac: picture over the words Mac OS. The mouse moves around the screen and when I control-click, a menu comes up letting me create a new folder, change the background, etc. I think the computer thinks there is another monitor attached to the computer because the mouse goes off the edge of the top half of the right side of the screen and when I was clicking and dragging from this part of the screen, I dragged over a Quick Time Pro icon. I am sure it is not the monitor zoom as I have already adjusted that.

So basically, what I'm asking is how can I change the default monitor or make the computer think that there isn't another monitor attached?